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Partnership Opportunities
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GeorgiaCares is the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) and the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) project. GeorgiaCares is a public-private partnership administered through the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services.

SHIP provides personalized counseling, education and outreach to assist Medicare beneficiaries with their Medicare questions. The SMP project empowers Medicare beneficiaries to prevent healthcare fraud by teaching Medicare beneficiaries how to protect their personal identity, detect potential errors, fraud and abuse and how to report any problems.

We invite you to partner with GeorgiaCares.  As a partner, you can help keep Medicare beneficiaries informed about all of Medicare, including but not limited to:

  • Disseminating GeorgiaCares publications at events                                 
  • Providing space(s) for GeorgiaCares counseling stations                                       
  • Adding your organization’s name to the GeorgiaCares roster of partners
  • Providing a letter of support for grant opportunities
  • Providing GeorgiaCares opportunities to present to your organization           
  • Extending GeorgiaCares opportunities to appear in your organization’s newsletter
  • Linking your organization’s website to GeorgiaCares website                             
  • Collaborating with GeorgiaCares on community/education events                  
  • Sharing GeorgiaCares volunteer opportunities to network and/or volunteers                                            
  • Inviting GeorgiaCares to provide training to network                                              
  • Inviting GeorgiaCares to provide training to volunteers
  • Providing outreach materials to GeorgiaCares.

Please submit contact information to GeorgiaCares@dhs.ga.gov to partner with us.

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